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Re: Does anyone find Libras attractive?

Originally Posted by nOtsOanoNymousS View Post
Shy≠ people pleaser, in fact (talking in general as usual, not knowing all virgo's natal charts I met in my life, as you, having a stellium in 6th house could have some virgo qualitites of the house, and maybe that's why you don't think you're a people pleaser) virgo's are known for being workaholic, competent in what they do but having troubles for standing up for themselves, OR for being too much humble, humile in their behaviour, a little like pisces I would say (though we're still very different). And yes, as I said they're more judgemental in a critical and analytical way than you libras, but as I said that doesn't mean being people pleasers and I think they're more reserved, being also an earthy and mutuable sign (instead you're a cardinal air sign, very active and ambitious).
Hmm I don't think neither virgo's or libras appear/are innocent (actually every sign is not innocent, but them in particular, to me, are/come off as very wise and wary, and rational), at all.
Yes, in my previous comment I also said that it's not a bad thing at all, it all depends on which quality we see as the most rewarding in this society; of course it's required to be an assertive and charismatic person in this world, and all those who lack in this way tend to be less considered, and that obviously *****(I know so many moons in aries who are all rethorical but have poor or "wrong" substance). But it's all up to us to develope these skills (which we already have, just need to be improved and worked on) and assert ourselves in life; if we make it, we'll be able to tell we speak for good reasons. So astrology here doesn't do much (or at least, it's not an excuse).
6th house =/= Virgo

I think if anything it's probably my badly aspected Venus that makes me less of a people pleaser or it could be the Uranus squares.

I didn't say Virgos were people-pleasers. I said some of them but I don't think either Virgo or Libra are necessarily people-pleasers. In theory, Libra wants peace and harmony for everyone but these are ideals and group harmony won't necessarily please all individualals. Libras are aware of this.

However, Virgos are associated with service. If service isn't people-pleasing, I don't know what is.
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