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Re: Todays Moon - Its Tropical & Its Sidereal Location & Effect On Sign Ruler Influen

I see JA is up to the usual informative excellence in this thread

I haven't posted here in a couple of years, but I have been continuing my researches during this time, and hopefully will be posting about some of my results in the near future.

Just a note relative to this thread: close parallels of declination between Moon and planets and Moon and individual stars, can yield very important hints regarding daily astrological influences operational via the Moon: remember that a close Parallel of declination has been considered equivalent to a STRONG conjunction, by many of the oldtime astrological authors; I myself look at declination figures first (when taking up a map) even before checking position (whether tropical or sidereal) and aspects (for the Moon I use an orb up to 1.5 degrees same side of the ecliptic as = a Parallel of declination...many, however, limit the orb to a maximum of 1 degree)
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