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Re: Chinese compare to Western?

Originally Posted by Bluebell87 View Post
I see you respond well to emotional blackmail, I shall keep that in mind for any future conversations. Typical of a sag male to need a psychologist

Sagittarian Boar: fire and negative water

A candidate for the good citizen award. This combination produces a person with considerable humour and large appetites. Both signs here are noble but naive, although the Archer could be more blunt about announcing his wishes. Jupiter's bounty and the Boar's luck are heaped upon this subject because of his trusting and uncalculating nature. One can count on the Sagittarian Boar to share his last cent with a friend. Neither sign succumbs to despair easily, so this person will be made of sturdy stuff, perhaps even a bit thick-skinned. Yet when he achieves success, he won't hoard his money. He will dole it out and somehow everyone will benefit from his good fortune.
Don't worry, I saw what you were doing. But I wanted to see the excerpt so sure, you win this round.

I'm a bit more selfish than this description states. I don't know aboard "doling out my money" because I have specific plans about what I want to do with it when I get. Others will benefit indirectly.

Google states that naive means unaffected and natural. If that's the meaning the book uses, I agree.
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