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Re: Will I get kicked out of my home?

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
With astrology, I think it's always best to look at real life first in a practical way, and then pull the astrology up behind it. In real life, it would make a difference if you were a minor in an abusive home with neglectful parents; or a mature adult who owed the landlord a lot of back rent. It would be different if this were a financial settlement in a divorce proceeding. A chart would have something to say about these different situations in different ways.
I really agree with you on that. Sorry, I omitted the background information because I'm not entirely sure how events will unfold.

I'm an adult in University, still living at home because I can't afford to live on my own, (the prices for rent here are horrendous). I'm currently in the closet and this is unfortunately a case where I would be kicked out of my home 100% if my parents found out. I know this for a fact, because nearly a year ago, I was defending my sister's right to go to a public school, (the new & inclusive curriculum sure 'caused a fuss alright,) and we got into a terrible argument, which ended with me leaving home for awhile for my health's sake.

Since I'm *about* to date someone my parents wouldn't approve of, that's what I figured would make them give me the boot permanently. I just wanted to know how much time I would have to save up if this was the case, because I would have to save really well to be able to stay afloat.

Glad to know things can possibly be worked out. Thanks for all your help, waybread!
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