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Re: the common origin of the words saturn and satan (and other christian mistakes)

Originally Posted by david starling View Post
Antago, you're clearly at odds with the Age of Tropical-Capricorn (as am I), NOT the Age of Sidereal-Pisces, which is far more ephemeral and benign. "Know your enemy"! The power of Saturnian Chart-influence has become a major factor since the 4th Millennium, and is now as powerful as it can get. Those who can't deal with it become evil and destructive. It can only be countered on the Astral level, and with the power of Imagination. I applaud your efforts.
Thank you, David! I am doing my best. Our species is wonderful and a lot of people are waking up. I think the most important thing is to be key in fine-tuning our sense of judgment, of right and wrong, and not jumping to conclusions or getting caught up in waves of "this group says they are the most oppressed" and "he said she said"; we must also avoid the idea that "Jesus just loves everyone so we should try not make anyone seem wrong". Jesus judged quite a bit of people, and his message was repentance and transformation, opening our eyes to the abuses in power—not, "Everyone & everything should just be accepted".

Neither extreme is good here.
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