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Re: Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

I'm a Gemini Rising and I'm ugly. Chiron square Ascendant EXACT, Sun trine Ascendant, Midheaven trine Ascendant, Mercury trine Ascendant…but honestly, I think this is more an issue of genetics than astrology. Not all Scorpios are sexy, and not all Libras are pretty. I think Scorpio sexiness and Libran charm has more to do with energy, and mannerisms, than literal physical appearance.

I do think some aspects might make someone more inclined to put effort into their appearance. A strong Venus might do this. I don't have enough real life examples to say. People with Taurus placements (especially Ascendant and Venus) seem to be very concerned with beauty, whatever that means to them. Not all the time, it's just my observation...based on friends and stuff, and I can see it being a thing since Taureans are so sensual.

I've read that it's common for Gemini risings to look young. That would definitely apply to me. I'm short, and skinny, and I have a high pitched voice. OMG, one time I went to a bar and they didn't even ASK for my ID. They flat out told me that I couldnt be there. I'm like, "wanna see my ID?" And they were like "oh sorry, I thought you were like 12". Not every Gemini rising looks like me, however. Some are tall. Some are fat. Though..I know Lindsay Lohans a Gemini rising and people used to say we looked alike (when I was in elementary school, someone in a younger grade actually thought I was her and asked for my autographs) not so much anymore though.

Other than that, I think it depends on how you define "beauty". We all have different Descendants and Venus's that might have a say in who were attracted to and what we value aesthetically.

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