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Re: Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

Yeah, it's pretty known that pluto conjunct ascendant gives a sexual magnetism, I have that and neptune conjunct asc, also scorpio rising.
I do get attention, I do get compliments about being "sexy".

Also if I'm gonna talk about other placements that aren't my own

Leo rising seems to get soo much attention wherever they go!
My boyfriend has venus on his ascendant+ taurus rising and everybody just loves him and respects him...

He has aries in sun and mars, so do I, so there is attraction, since aries and taurus are especially hot to me because of my rising (scorpio and taurus are sister signs so that's great for attraction) and mars, thats what I'd prefer.
(But I have to say any scorpio placement is hot, hot, hot and very desirable.....)
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