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Re: Is my friendīs life in danger?

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Kitchy, I agree with the old saying that, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone isn't out to get you." I could easily imagine a situation where both a negative person and his "victim" believe that black magic is real; and where the "victim's" fear is so great that she does experience physical symptoms. But there's no actual black magic at work here, just modern psychology.

And if this were the case, we might expect physical symptoms like tension headaches, digestive upsets, or inability to eat; not a stroke in a 30-year old.

I just re-read the OP, and it is interesting how the 12th house rules both bewitchment and secret enemies. Stagolee wrote: "She is afraid that powerful persons are going to take her out because she knows too much about their dealings."

It's not clear who these people are, but it sounds like secret enemies or criminals, which are also 12th house matters. But becoming a victim of a drug ring (???) or organized crime happens for straightforward if unpleasant reasons. It doesn't mean they are able to practice black magic.
not to be flippant, because i'm in respect of your original notion - but look at sean penn right now -

el chapo or Finnish voodoo

that's the 12th house of someone who is about to get a can of whoop@ss for his folly into the swamp of the 12th.

12th house wants forgiveness - absolution for delving into the gutter of the unknown - it IS NEVER INNOCENT. It's all about a poker hand in the end - when saturn calls the 12th house bluff of Neptune.

The best is not engage in this nonsense first of all and secondly - not to drag others into it.

Secrets of Neptune/Jupiter 12th is either the willingness to surrender to bad or to believe it can't be that bad.

Saturn and Uranus and Pluto figure prominently in this - above all else.

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