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Re: Is my friendīs life in danger?

It does look to me as though the house of your friend (11th) is ruled by Aquarius, and that her 12th house (black magic) is also ruled by Saturn (Capricorn on the cusp.) Saturn is unhappy but the moon in the 11th applying to a trine with Saturn, and Saturn applying to the modern ruler of Aquarius (Uranus) to me suggests the potential for a positive outcome.

But here's the thing. Most sensible people do not believe in black magic. I'm sorry, but they don't. However, black magic is very real for people who do believe in it, and I've seen it cause them no end of fear and worry. So objectively there are medical reasons why a young person could suffer a stroke that have nothing to do with black magic.

Among other things, the moon rules the querent's take in the matter. If I read the chart in its radical sense, it shouts out to me that you are (understandably) really worried about your friend (moon in the 11th) with her signifier in the 6th house of poor health. From a modern astrology perspective, we see a "loaded" 11th house containing Uranus (modern ruler of friend's 12th and of sudden upsets, such as a stroke,) Neptune (rules illnesses that are difficult to diagnose,) Chiron (wounds that don't heal,) and the south node.

I also note that you're in Finland, where your high latitude tends to really skew the quadrant house cusps. While I think the chart is radical, it does suggest how an equal house or whole signs house system could give you a completely different answer.

I have to run now and can take a closer look later, but please really consider whether your own fearful beliefs are going to help or hinder your friend as she goes through this difficult point in her life.
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