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Re: Chiron in composite?

Originally Posted by cutesag
Hi Rahu

Chiron being in 7th house alerted me to the chart, because I read that the 7th is the house of marriage (or "important" relationships as opposed to the flings of the 5th). Plus the healing thing, it made me wonder if there is any karmic thing to this?

Am I talking rubbish here or does it make any sense?

Thanks a lot for helping.
Okay...this is my thought on the matter. When looking at composite charts...I have noticed restriction of a desire denoted by the house.

For have a composite 7th house chiron would seem that you long deeply for a partnership and connection with each other...but it is denied...therein causing you to reassess your life goals at some point because of the sense of loss and or deprivation. Or...if the relationship does manifest as a might find that there are things that are lacking that keep you from being completely satisfied...or there are circumstances that prohibit the expression of the relationship.

In my experience...the Chiron Placement between two charts shows an area where you come together to work out some sort of karma. It's like the lesson that you've come together to learn...a lesson that can only be shared and completed with that person. If you keep running into people with the same astrological might find that if you get to the bottom of things and work through a situation...or look at it might just be able to discern the task at hand and complete the lesson...thereby releasing you to take on other matters of spiritual importance and releasing you from that sort of pain.

The great thing is...once you get the job done...the universe usually rewards us all nicely for our efforts. Good luck on your journey.

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