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Re: Chiron in composite?

hi moulin,
is this relationship still happening.uranus square the mars/sun conjunction is a very unstable aspect for a can show intense passion but is very arguementative at the minimum.
the venus/mercury conjunction does give a happy and loving relationship.the venus/jupiter midpoint is opposed to moon giving the emotional love necessary for a steady relationship and the jupiter influence does suggest a longterm committment.
the jupiter/pluto conjunction shows that there is great financial and/or poltical/social power generated by the relationship.this is intensified by the sun square to jupiter and adds to the enjoyment the relationship brings.
with uranus also conjnct to jupiter the financial assets seem very alrge here.
oh yeah chiron
chiron square to mars makes this a more amazing relationship as this aspect can give him a abrupt and selfish manner toward you.
with the jupiter/chiron midpoint conjunct the sun/mars midpoint this relationship has to be very upfront because these influence can be cruelfully critical.i get a very powerful almost elitist aura with the concentration of power here.
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