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Re: Chiron in composite?

hi cutesag.
before commenting on the chiron aspects i like to comment on the T square of mars and the neptune/saturn opposition.
this is an aspect on shows he is manipulative and insensitive to you.i would think that he is cheating on your currently.
now chiron.
chiron is opposed to uranus with the moon/mercury midpiont conjnuct uranus.
this is a very arguementative indicates that the two of you have vastly different opinions on most are both set in your viewpoints and don't give ground.with sun conjunct uranus this conflict is magnified.the chiron position shows that he critizes and belittles you especially when you are feeling very close to him.
with the venus/moon/pluto conjunction on the ascendant,i can see that you are passionately in love with this guy.but the pluto shows that sex is the big allure here and not a caring,loving relationship.
get your ya yas out with him but don't look to sincerity or committment.
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