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Re: Lesbian aspects

In the OP's chart we find:

1. Moon is lord of the horoscope.
She is exactly square the horizon. She squares the massive stellium (characterized by two partile clusters within 6 degrees of each other) in Capricorn, and square her own lord Mars -- exalted but under extreme duress, and in the sign of Moon's exile -- receiving Moon; but is this a favorable reception? Moon is not only lord of the horoscope, but is also singleton in the east. Apart from the massive square she beholds a cross-sign semisquare to the final dispositor of the chart, Saturn, within degree. There is also a sesquicuadrate, slightly weaker, to Pluto. Aries is not a good placement for Moon.

Apart from its more general indications as ruler of the Ascendant -- Moon in a female chart has much to say about the native's self-concept, and her attitudes toward the feminine role. The Moon in this chart is severely afflicted. Self-expression is heavily obstructed (the squares) and subject to friction and disruption, confusion (the octile minors). Moon, heavily afflicted as described above, stands in the house of the mother, as a singleton (very powerful influence and an area of major "interest" in the chart). Cancer rises, which may suggest "issues" with mother, family, nurture, security as prominent in the life.

If we take the "Moon" out of the realm of an astrogical term or symbol, and take the trouble to carefully analyze and interpret her significance through examination of all of the conditions (sign, house, rulership, aspects, etc) as outlined in the first paragraph, we will get a good description of what Moon really means, promises in this life. With Moon so heavily afflicted, is it likely that "Womanhood is troubled"? "Reading" the Moon in depth will show the how and why of this trouble.

2. Saturn is final dispositor of the chart.
Saturn, in the final analysis, is determinant of the life, its general tone and course. Apart from his cross-sign semisquare to Moon (which requires very careful study if we are to understand the implications of this aspect between the two most dominant planets in the chart), his only major aspect is the close square to Pluto. It is not my intention to interpret this chart, but I will mention that one characteristic of Saturn square Pluto can be "feelings of persecution" often caused by or concerning somehow "being on the outside". Pluto is in Scorpio, sign of sexuality, and is intercepted. Also note that Saturn is at the bending. I do not normally use (pay much attention to) the semisextile, but with the extreme combustion of Venus in the same degree as Saturn, and in his sign, it should definitely be considered as important. This combustion shows a total consumption of Venus by Sun (the conjunction falls outside Cazimi by only 4' of arc). This may imply "an all consuming self-love" [possible narcissistic tendencies]; the combustion occurs within 4 degrees of the cusp of the 8th of sexuality -- the cusp is in Aquarius, sign of the eccentriic, the unconventional.

The exceptional emphasis on Saturn's sign Capricorn shows an exceptional concern with propriety, convention, "proper" behavior. But the fierce (and troubled) partile conjunctions (a. Sun-Venus, and b. Neptune-Mars-Uranus & New Moon before birth) show trouble.

If we read a chart... I've given an idea of how, I hope... we will see our sexuality revealed. Looking to one or another specific indicator is helpful, provides detail, but does not complete the picture. By reading the chart as a whole (a lot of work, I agree) we can see the psychology of the individual and are then prepared to apply that knowledge of the psychology to any specific question, such as "Do I have tendencies toward lesbianism?" The answer to that question is contained within this chart.

What I will say is that her very natural inclinations toward spontaneity and open expression of the self is strongly repressed, constrained, blocked...producing high tension, even anger (which is held in and can produce physical problems such as migraine).
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