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Re: Lesbian aspects

For those who are interested in exploring philosophical viewpoints regarding alternative sexuality in astrology, the link below may be useful (that thread became heated at times):

By the way, the Arabic part of homosexuality is ASC + Mars - Uranus if curious. Personally, I have never used this part and can't speak on its veracity or lack thereof. For those who do believe that astrology may unlock the keys to an individual's potential to be gay as opposed to straight, it is important to distinguish sexual fetishes predilections and from orientation. I do not say this to offend any particular group of people, but this is what I was taught in abnormal psychology. I have known what I call "part-time" gays who only use "established" gays (meaning out and comfortable with themselves) for their own sexual pleasure and in their everyday life, they repudiate them. Needless to say, people who engage in these behaviors perpetuate negative attitudes against the LGBT community. This is part of the reason why sexuality is so complicated.

However, the OP's established that this is a distinct aspect of their identity as human beings. With that being said, good luck!

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