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Originally Posted by Marius Cojoc View Post
Kurios or Almuten of the chart reveals for the native his manner of living, his actions, his Ego, and gives info for his karma. If Kurios occupies a cadent place, the native will be prone to obtain posessions, assets, things which could measure, things which give us auspicious environment for life, material things, quantitative stuff etc; if occupies a succedent place, the native will be prone to obtain material and spiritual values from commitments, golas or expactations, it is prone to obtain confort and pleasure, qulitative stuff; if occupies an angular place the native is prone to obtain the quintesence of life, things which give us direction, purpose, faith, the native will be seeking God. Now it depends if Kurios is in sect or out of sect. The attitude does matter.

Kurios has may implications. For the moment, I prefer to studie which are truly and which are not. I can't use Ezra Almuten recipe. My belifes are different. I tried to explain this in the earlier post. Anyway, I'm sure that Zoller knows and does more than this. The scheme is good for an introductory matter for this issue. The identification of Kurios is not about counting dignities and numbers.
Greetings, Marius Cojoc
Ok, that is what I've found (I noticed you commenting there)

The next planet that is equally important in the overall rulership of a nativity (besides Oikodespotes or domicile master of the chart) is called Kurios [Lord of the nativity]. Kurios is the executor of the agenda that Oikodespotes (domicile master) holds.
Kurios of a chart is determined from the following candidates:-
1. Ascendant sign. We look to the planet(s) in the Ascendant sign AND bounds of the ascending degree.
2. Domicile Lord of Ascendant.
3. Moon and its Domicile Lord
4. Tenth sign from ascendant and its Domicile Lord
5. Lot of Fortune and its Domicile Lord.
6. Any planets that make phasis* in the chart. Should also include planets that make a first or second station 7 days before or after nativity.
7. The bound lord of the pre-natal lunation.
The Kurios (The Lord of the nativity) is determined using the above hierarchy AND is also fit to conduct its business*.

Then on this link (still) Kurios of Hitler's chart is found by just counting (as Venus corresponds to numbers 2,6,7). Nothing about examining chart as the whole (or maybe I missed something). And nothing about the Kurios's (Venus) role in the life of Hitler. I wish it was a comperehensive practical analysis. If you dont mind, I want you to show us such analysis with explanations of someone's chart. I think it will be more clear to understand Almutem and its essence in practice.

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