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Re: Venus square Saturn

Originally Posted by midnight sun View Post
But if we live the same "negative" thing over and over, how can we have hope for the future? We need to remember the past for proctecting ourselves. Because there is not just one or two mistakes in the past, my whole past is a mistake. I have to remember them everyday. When I said I've changed and looked positive to life, the same things began to happen again. That's a rule.

But there must be a "fear point" I believe. Once I saw a dream about a fear circle. I was going in a bus and found a nice, original book called "human design"(it's a sembolic one), I was very excited with it. But then, the bus changed its way to an unknown road and I feared so went down from the bus. I walked into a place which I knew very well before but a spider hung on to my leg. (which is a symbol of depression for me) I hardly threw it.

So this dream showed me the point which the repetation circle begins. And I have a feeling that this fear point is "being rejected" for the Saturn-Venus people.
Yeah I dunno I don't mind a little rejection. People always told me I was very good at messing with guys, you can get them to be thinking of you is the first step. Lollll Well I do have this aspect it is just in between sag and leo, so the signs are in harmony. Also my saturn is retrograde that could make a difference maybe! I am not very nit picky not openly. Also I tell myself to shut up when I am this way mentally. I am more harsh on myself than others. Though, I guess its the venus conjunct asc moon which makes me appear very pleasant and laid back to others. I can be a little stress ball inside, have a bit of a bad temper but I guess only people very very close to me would see this but not everyone would agree I do. Yeah I dunno its not that bad my nit pickyness, I am not a very judgmental nor superficial person. I am actually very accepting unless I sense bad intentions or foul pay. Rejection, never stopped me from pressing on. Regret is a waste of time as well, plus I have too much A D D to actually regret, I have a bad memory for a cancer!!!!!! I can not even remember my families actual birthdays its so bad. What was my point.... OH YEAH this aspect is not a curse! Plus, if I have it in my chart it is prob kinda good BAHAHA Though, I do have this fear of general safety for people I love and I make my friends or loved ones call and text me after driving home at night or walking alone or things I find sketchy. I am very watchful of people and their well beings. Could this be part of this aspect? I have made my friends give me info on new guys they started to date, like their address and tell them to ask about their parents and stuff. That could also be a weird Cancerian thing. I may have been nit picky with the guys my friends may date if I get bad gut feelings.. but overall most of the bfs I had always said I was very pleasant and accepting and made them feel so confident cuz I am very supportive. Except for like one.

Oh yeah though I am veryyyy critical of the way I look, always have been. I gain weight easily.... with pie and cake) and I hateeeeeeeee when people become too demanding in relationships worst! I feel my heart break plus I do attract very cap types. I attract very ambitious people, I am very laid back go figure!
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