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Re: Venus square Saturn

But if we live the same "negative" thing over and over, how can we have hope for the future? We need to remember the past for proctecting ourselves. Because there is not just one or two mistakes in the past, my whole past is a mistake. I have to remember them everyday. When I said I've changed and looked positive to life, the same things began to happen again. That's a rule.

But there must be a "fear point" I believe. Once I saw a dream about a fear circle. I was going in a bus and found a nice, original book called "human design"(it's a sembolic one), I was very excited with it. But then, the bus changed its way to an unknown road and I feared so went down from the bus. I walked into a place which I knew very well before but a spider hung on to my leg. (which is a symbol of depression for me) I hardly threw it.

So this dream showed me the point which the repetation circle begins. And I have a feeling that this fear point is "being rejected" for the Saturn-Venus people.
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