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Re: 10 rules of Antoine Garth

Originally Posted by Omnisphericus View Post
Look for this:

1. Seek the Lot of Fortune and note whether it is either angular (in the 1st, 10th, Seventh, Fourth) or in the house of the Good Spirit (11th or 5th). If Fortune is found in any of those houses, take a note.
(Find the Lot of Fortune and determine whether it is angular, or if it culminates from the
Ascendant. Culminate means to count ten houses away. Or, if it culminates from the Lot of
Fortune . That’s our first, ‘ooh, something’s going on here.’ As an addendum to that, if you see
the Lot of Fortune in these houses, you will start to get interested. In any house, the Lot of
Fortune can show great fortune, but in these particular houses, it tends to be a marker or kind
of like a sign post. 1st house, 10th house, Seventh house, Fourth house, Eleventh House, Fifth
House. In general those are the ‘good’ houses, the productive houses of the chart.)

2. If the ruler of the Lot of Fortune culminates – that means if it is ten houses away from the Lot of Fortune or the Ascendant.

3. If the ruler of the Lot of Spirit culminates from the Lot of Fortune, or the
Ascendant, but most specifically from the Lot of Fortune.

4. If the ruler of the Exaltation is culminating from the Lot of Spirit or the

5. If the ruler of the Spirit is on the Fortune, and the ruler of the Fortune is on the Spirit.

6. If the ruler of the Lot of Basis is with the Lot of Fortune that creates – not
gigantically notable but notable nonetheless.
If the ruler of the Basis is on the Lot of
Fortune , or the Spirit, if it’s on either of these lots – that’s good.

7. If the ruler of the fortune is on the Spirit, the ruler of Spirit is on the Basis
and the ruler of Basis is on the fortune.

8. If all four of fortune, Spirit, Exaltation, Basis are exalted or in their own
domicile – or even just two of the four.

9. If there is an exalted planet on the Lot of Fortune , Spirit, Basis, Exaltation, it creates notable genitures. Exalted planets on any of the lots but especially the Lot of Fortune and the lot of Exaltation.

10. If a benefic is with the ruler of the Lot of Fortune. If Jupiter is exalted it’s even better.
Omnisphericus! I would like to ask a few questions if you don't mind ?

1. My LOF is in 10th house in Cancer sign

2. Ruler is the Moon, Capricorn in detriment but trine Mars as Mars' exaltation sign less than 2 degrees trine, Moon sextile Mercury, Mars sextile Mercury.

3-10...I am not quite sure. I post my chart here instead!!

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I am new to Arabic Parts, currently exploring them
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