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Re: Extremely Introverted Sagittarius asking for chart reading?

The sidereal zodiac doesn't account for procession, so most corrections would put your Sagittarius planets back into Scorpio, thus making you more introverted. Extreme introversion... I'm not sure how to get the extremes (the 100%s on personality tests) of anything to even come out on charts, especially not in ways that correlate with the actual presence of an extreme in a person's personality. OK, I hope that didn't sound like jargon.

Edit: It might be the Moon in Taurus I mean Pisces. Venus in Libra might or might not do it. Venus is cold and wet, but Libra is hot and wet. By the way, yes, I'm still learning my stuff (there's a lot to learn outside of modern and I'm sort of developing my own system :P) even though I'm a compulsive poster, so please analyze what I say before you believe it :P

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