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Re: Charisma

What I have been reading on this post with all the Venus reference is making me wonder if maybe I have a different definitions for the word charisma.

Charisma is a Greek word with roughly the meaning being a divine offering or gift. Charismatic people have magnetic personalitys, they are strong, controlled, and usually gifted when it comes to communication. They involke stong feels of either admiration or disgust in different individuals. These people are serious charmers with a strong sense of pursuesiveness. Many Charismatics are found to have psychotic disorders. Others include politicians, actors, and evangelicals. These personalities also have dark shadow sides that are not usually seen in public. Therefore my guess (and some personal experience) is you will find hard aspects to the Luminaries... squares, oppositions....etc... and/or to the MC and Asc.

Now for all the Venus reference, I am thinking this is more an irrisistable force filled with charm and grace.

My 2 cents

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