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Re: the common origin of the words saturn and satan (and other christian mistakes)

It is worth noting that the "OM" thing functions on a vibrational level. It is meant to assist the mind of the chanter in entering the correct state for clean work. It's the purity of mind and soul that really makes the difference. The sound is just a sound until it has an effect on the mind. A good question to ask is, "Which me is doing the work?" The higher self (Universal consciousness, Christ consciousness, et cetera) is the mind that works in harmony with all else, so it is the best to use for making changes. It's also the one which sees clearly when all else is confused. Remember that everything external to you is a reflection of that which is internal. God is within!

As to "Satan," it's good to remember that every spirit is a consciousness and every consciousness is a spirit. Just as Christ is both a spirit which exists unto Itself (yet is part of the One) and a consciousness to be embodied, so it is with all spirits. This means that they exist both in macrocosm and microcosm. True existence (latent, without manifestation, infinite) is the macrocosm and manifestation (embodiment, within bounds) is the microcosm. I don't think that the spirit of "Satan" has all that much to do with the plane (or the planet) of Saturn. I think men have assigned this meaning as a value judgment, based on the influential behaviour of Saturn. People don't like being made to work and learn on what could have been an easy day. To lesser-minded individuals, Saturn is mean to you and makes you work hard. In actuality, Saturn, as the plane and planet, is an important teacher and holds no malice at all. It's characteristics seem to be quite different than what is normally attributed to "Satan." Then again, the idea of "Satan" has undergone quite a few transformations too. It's an interesting discussion.

"Santa is an anagram."

May you find Peace and Love in your journeys. Namaste.
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