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Re: Beginning to Study Astrology

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
I'm probably putting my head on the chopping block here, yet I think the major problem with those who start 'to study' astrology is that most of them aren't actually interested in learning the craft and its techniques for itself, rather than fulfilling a Mercurial curiousity in a general knowledge of what it can tell them in the way of predicting/answering personal life events..... and then as quickly as possible.
A student of astrology.
Actually, I began a study because I wanted to argue with an associate and prove him wrong. But I had no facts. So I began an intensive study, learning to cast charts, etc., all the while thinking I would ultimately show him up.

Problem is, the stuff is very accurate, and I was led immediately into a set of clients with major Pluto issues (I seemed to attract them). As a result I began to take it seriously and do work for others almost full time.
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