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Re: How are relocation charts calculated?

Originally Posted by astrologer50 View Post
....It is my personal opinion that relocated ‘birth charts’ don’t work....Relocated birth charts are more or less astrocartography......
I'm confused by this, A50........Are you saying that (iyo) astrocartography doesn't work?

I'm open to persuasion either way about the validity of relocated charts and astrocartography.....but, my understanding is that the latter is merely a first step in producing the former.

Astrocartography tells us what the effect would be of relocating to a place which changes the house influence of only one planet in a chart......We then need to draw a full chart for that location (at exactly the same Universal Time of birth), to determine how the house influence of all other planets would change.

Thus, with astrocartography currently being promoted as the astrological elixar that can transform people's lives, there is a real danger of the "uninitiated" relocating (say) Venus to improve relationships only to find that they then have (say) Pluto on the Descendant making them a potential target for violence from others.
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