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Re: Another look at the 12th house

Originally Posted by hermetic
I like this thread
with my NN in 12th house I often had the feelings of my life purpose being so unclear, dilluted, un-firm, and I also found significance in the fact both of my parents had the 12th house Sun, and all my significant others had the same sun position.
I find that people who are low on personal development with this SUn position re often playing the role of victim in their lives, and have very unclear images of themselves
Interesting comment, hermetic.

My son has NN in Scorpio in 12th and he's been wandering through his life like he has a bucket on his head. I get a sense that he feels that life is unsure and even uncertain, so much so that when he was younger - i.e. in his teens - I was sure I wouldn't have him for long. He has 5 other planets in the 12th, including the sun. He `collects' people who need him, and consider him to be wise and even `enlightened'. He's quite wise, but hardly enlightened. I truly don't understand him at all. I have a strong sense of him being a person with enormous potential, but who has not yet discovered the entry point to tapping this potential.

I have 2 brothers and one nephew with 12th house suns, and the three of them are very successful in the world, and very determined - but quiet about it!

"There is a crack in everything
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