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Re: Another look at the 12th house

Hello piscesascendant and everyone. (I also have a Pisces ascendant). I started to create a new thread on the 12th house when I found this one. I have an Aquarian Mars in the 12th which is square the sun and opposes a Jup/Pluto conj. in the 6th. I am a very private person and need to be alone to recharge. People can have a real drain effect on me. I live in the Bible belt so I have to keep my 12th house interests a secret (astrology/tarot). I am also a singer/songwriter/guitar player which I think comes from my 12th and writing songs helps me deal with the pressures of life. I earn my living as a graphic artist though. It's crucial for me to always be doing something creative. I don't like television ....and don't even own a television which people think is strange. But I think more people would be artists if they didn't spend so much time in front of a TV. I would really like to hear how other people deal with their 12th house planets, esp. if they have Mars there.
All the best to everyone, cin
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