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Re: Another look at the 12th house

Originally Posted by piscesascendant
I listed the author. I read on another thread from a moderator that listing the author was adequate.
Here is the excerpt from the Forum rules. These are not my personal rules. I am unaware of any citation system in which the name of the author alone is considered to be a "proper" attribution. If you give me the name of the moderator who considered the author's name alone to be sufficient, I will contact him/her to clear up any misunderstanding.

"In order to respect copyright laws, members are asked not to paste in their posts texts copied from other websites or other publications that are over 100 words long. In all cases of quoting, the source of the respective excerpts is to be properly mentioned. Also, if the text is publicly available online, a link to the source should be placed."

Thanks for posting the link. It is helpful to anyone who wishes to follow up on your point.

Cheers, W.
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