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Re: Is Neptune a Malefic?

Originally Posted by cassanra
I too am curious about Neptunes effect. It seems to play a significant role in my chart being also anguler and connected to personal planets. It is in scorpio and in the 7th house and squares venus and mars in the 5th. Does this imply sacrifice for children and partnerships/marriage?Dissillusionment in that area? How would you tell what kind of negativity might be expected from that?
Neptune sextiles saturn, sextiles pluto...but it does sextile mercury..since saturn and Pluto are generational planets would I ignore those or focus more on house rulership? The trine to mercury could be interpreted more with positive imagination? or inspiration. Neptune rules an intercpted pisces in the 12th....
physically Neptune cannot square venus/mars in 5th cos they are 2signs/houses away ie;60' sounds like venus/mars is in 4th (Equal house).

No substitute for research and study, explore both house systems and see for yourself which fits your life most appropriately.....

Sounds like you have good aspects to Neptune, but square to Venus suggests romantic disillusionment, poss involving finances at some time, with family members. I have Venus in 4th, i call this bake a cake syndrome cos it likes entertaining in the home and gets and gives pleasure from home and family matters.
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