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Re: Moving for good?

Originally Posted by Confusedpisces
Bob: You mentioned Uranus-Neptune square to me. Does that mean it's likely to happen to me?
Look, it's real simple. Uranus in the 1st House square Neptune in the 4th House.

That is the only consideration. Any other Uranus square Neptune placement outside the 1st quadrant is irrelevant. Uranus in the 4th square Neptune 7th? Who cares?

Uranus in the 1st House square Neptune in the 4th House.

I say outside the first quadrant because if you have Uranus in the 2nd square Neptune in the 5th or Uranus in the 3rd square Neptune in the 6th, your progressed Ascendant will move to the 2nd House to become the progressed 1st House which would now move Neptune in the 5th to Neptune in the 4th.

The 1st House is an House of Life. The 4th House is an House of Endings, specifically death, and specifically the manner and circumstances of death, and specifically what happens to the body after death. Air signs on the 4th often mean the body is never found. Earth signs the body ends up in the ground, Fire signs indicate fire or cremation, Water signs indicate a watery end. Does that mean that everyone with a Water sign ends up in Davey Jone's Locker? No, that is not what that means. My great-aunt had Pisces on the 4th like I do, and when she died, she was cremated and we took a boat out from Siesta Key and spread her ashes in the Gulf of Mexico, so yeah she ended up in the water, but you have to look at more than just the sign, you have to look at the manner of death.

For those people who do have Uranus in the 1st House square Neptune in the 4th House, they have to pay attention to their 8th House.

If progressed Sun, progressed Ascendant ruler or progressed Mars move into the 8th, change signs in the 8th, or in the case of the progressed Ascendant ruler and progressd Mars, changing stations in the 8th, those would be dates/time frames of concern.

Then you would look to the transiting triggers. The first obvious trigger would be transiting Uranus conjuncting natal Neptune. Other possible triggers are transiting Pluto conjuncting natal Uranus, the IC, natal Neptune, natal Sun, or natal Ascendant ruler.

Uranus conjuct Neptune in the 4th also indicates a potential for drowning as does transiting Uranus coming into the 1st House and squaring natal Neptune in the 4th, but again you have to look to see if there's 8th House activity. If there isn't any, then there's no reason to be concerned.

I don't see any reason for you to be concerned, but I would shy away from places that put your Uranus/Neptune conjunction in the 4th House. The reason is that most likely that would put Taurus on your 8th House cusp and create a possibility that Venus would progress into the 8th House, but even so, that wouldn't occur until way late in your life, and I seriously doubt you'd be swimming, unless you're really Jack Lalane.
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