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Re: Moving for good?

Originally Posted by enigmas
You asked me realy hard question...why i'm going there?
I'm going on student internship, trough one international students organisation,working in company. I could chose between 104 countries but i wanted to go to India. I want experience their culture,way of life i always felt some conections with that country,its a challenge. And you can experience some country only if you live and work there for a while.
With Venus in the 6th ruling the 2nd and 9th, I think it'll work out good for you. You have Uranus in the 4th natally and relocated, so you won't be there long. People with Uranus in the 4th tend to move around and wander about a lot, especially since Sagittarius is mutable.

Originally Posted by enigmas
why neptune in 4th is not good?
I never said Neptune in the 4th wasn't good. What I said was Uranus in the 1st square Neptune in the 4th isn't good.

People who have Uranus in the 1st square Neptune in the 4th usually die by drowning to death. If the 4th House cusp is Air or Water, their bodies are usually never found. If it's Earth or Fire, the bodies are found or wash up on shore.

Transiting Uranus in the 1st square natal Neptune also can mean death by drowning, but that isn't a problem for you, since transiting Uranus will never be in the 1st House to square natal Neptune unless you live to be 140 years old.
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