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Question (Almost) Everything is fire I guess

I am curious about opinions on my chart?

It is pretty fire heavy, with Sag and Aries fire having the strongest effect as far as I can tell? I recall seeing that Mars would be the planet that has most effect on me, given the moon&asc placement, which I am wondering if the Libra in Mars would temper a little, given they are (complementary?) opposites on the wheel?

I also find that how aside from the MC and Jupiter, it is all fire and air energies to point to being not quite grounded, having my "head in clouds", though I suppose primary energy being fire, it would be more mental energies directed towards what "lights me up", what catches my fancy and has me chasing after (not as in romantic interest though, even if I really have people I admire and do want to have passionate discussions with, people I love the minds of, I really couldn't care less about having a romantic partner and all that jazz. I could easily live my life happily having a few mindmate bestfriends/good friends that I can share my opinions with and have exchances with, people who are concerned with their own personal growth and push me towards my own growth and vice versa.), and I wonder if that would also have a hand in why I'm not exactly the "most party animal social butterfly" so much as tend to stick to my own shell with mostly interacting with people of common interests?

I do find that I still do have a disarming aura- as I had a lot of people open up to me about things they don't to others, and so far I've never heard of anyone thinking I had any ill intentions towards them, though people do sometimes say I come off scary (mostly when I'm trying to dig their psychological issues to understand what makes them "tick", so I have a better grasp of what kind of person they are and choose to interact with them or not after that. I recall reading that would have ties to Pluto, and I recall an astrology app I was reading on mention that my Pluto in Sag was the planet that had a lot of influence over me too, though I'm not quite sure what aspect that would be related to?

And... Like Mars in Libra softening it assumption, with how heavy Sag fire is in my chart, I'm assuming Pisces in Jupiter would have a bit of tempering to it too, maybe? Afaik Pisces is associated with both Jupiter and Neptune, and I do wonder if it is part of why my interests do stray to more humanitarian/sociological/psychological issues and there is often a need for knowledge I gather to at the end of the day, be useful to someone or something- There is a need to help people heal and identify issues to work past through them, even if I can't say that I'm good at it once I bring things to their attention and give the initial push to get things out.

Sag/8th house also is connected with higher education afaik, so I suppose that also makes sense that I'm working to be a prof in my field, because I want to help this field (Translation Studies) develop in my country? I am not sure if I would make as good of an academician for all I love to preach my opinions/knowledge/ideas though- as there certainly still is a reckless part of me that never would want to bend to anyone's will, and certainly not because of some "social order"- If it is a person I personally respect the knowledge of, I simply see it as giving more grain of salt to what they say to me and take them seriously, but if it is someone I feel is less knowledgeable and fairly incompetent in their job, I get irritated very quickly. I would assume this would have to do with Aries placements, though Sag would play a hand with freedom lovingness?

I also do wonder if given all that, turning most of my exploration towards more social issues/fiction/narratives has to do with Pisces in Jupiter as well, actually? I definitely do get a lot of my emotional needs met by writing or reading about fiction, and for all I would like to do something concrete of worth at the end of the day, the idea of just losing myself in stories is always extremely alluring. Not that I would mind travelling the world, having more real life experiences as I get older, but I simply do find that there definitely is some disconnect with my mind and body on some extent?

Majoring in translation might be tied to Sag as well I suppose- part of the reason why I want to continue on with academia is because just translating some tedious documents would bore me to tears and I really can't work on a project I don't feel passionate about for long without feeling suffocated, so that at least if I continue on in the field, I would have a chance to explore topics I find intriguing and would spend hours of my days thinking about if left to my own devices anyway, so might as well make some money out of it because otherwise I would just be broke lol

Again, I can't claim that I'm extremely knowledgeable on the field, but from things I read so far, that's what I could make sense out of? Please do correct me if I got anything wrong, and if there is something you think is important to note in the chart (especially aspects since I'm... really not that knowledgeable on them at all), and/or connects to things I listed, please let me know!

If you read this far, thank you for spending your time trying to parse through this gibberish mess of attempt to interpret a chart for the first time OTL
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