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Re: Random Thoughts, strictly Text

Originally Posted by moonkat235 View Post
hahaha I'd wanna be a medicine cat. What about you??

(but also FireStar was a kittypet, so they can turn badass! lol)
well yes, your place of birth, physical body, or environment doesn't determine the quality of your character nor your ability to practice moral virtues.

tigerclaw seems to think otherwise though.. cat racist.

I'd want to be a basic *** warrior that survives long enough to become an elder. And like I'd be all black and my name would be blackfur

Originally Posted by moonkat235 View Post
There's a whole folklore around fairy-creatures. Idk Brian Froud spells it faeries, which I think is British thing. lol

Maybe it's like magick vs magic. haha
inferior british english..
Reality will be the final judge of our virtues and vices
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