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Re: Touchy subject : time of relative´s death

Firstly, my deep sympathy and condolences on mother's passing, especially for one still so young.
Everyone will grieve at loss in their own fashion. An Internet search will provide sites that specialise in the subject of grief counselling and explain the different stages one might expect to go through.

My eyebrows raised when reading 'are there indications here on how I can grieve productively,' as expression of grief is usually governed by an emotional effect.
However, the chart a shows a natal Sun and Mercury in Aquarius (focus through mental thought), Moon-Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn (focus in (non)processing of reality), and Jupiter square Saturn (high-high, low-lows depression tendencies). These combinations together could suggest what seems like an incapability 'to grieve' in what people would consider to be the normally accepted fashion. Yet it does not mean that loss isn't experienced, and the mother-child relationship cannot be expected to be settled and find release overnight.

Capricorn can sometimes indicate 'living with guilt' for some reason or another.
IF the Capricorn stellium on the midpoint of Mercury-Venus is an indication of 'unsolved issues' to address, the transit of Saturn-Pluto upon it could mean that this is an excellent time to look upon them as time has shown them to be and face them head on. The past need no longer be of relevance in the future that continues.

Natal Saturn in Pisces can either be the sinking ship that faces the torrents of the tempest, and and/OR the anchor that holds it fast and keeps it safe in facing it. Transit Neptune has long produced its influence upon natal Saturn. Did it provide truth and acceptance of a situation over which one has no personal control, yet gradually decreasing OR increasing the strength of reality in dealing with its consequences.

It is said that the grieving process of any kind takes two years to realise and accept. Can it be coincidence that during 2020 transit Uranus squares natal Sun, suggestive of 'a sudden change of heart'? The transit subsides and then re-kindles until 2021 when transit Saturn conjoins natal Sun in Aquarius.
Past and future meet each other in the clash of attending to the forces of will.
It is up to you in which manner and direction grieving produces the change that life will take.

Wishing you every strength at this difficult time.
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