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Re: Astrological Placements of NFL Players

Originally Posted by Cary2 View Post
Katydid posted quarterback Aaron Rodger's chart. Pluto and Saturn conjunct the Descendant. Astrologically this is somebody put in a tough situation. A situation like hard labor, privation, or brutal hardship, but it suggests that Rodgers is tough. - In his personal life, he may be inhibited. His Mars-sextile-Uranus is fast reflexes. He's a fixer. He can fix things fast. The grouping of Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune is a great faker. He is master of the fake. He has a great sense of humor. Add to that Sun-conjunct-Uranus, and he is probably a genius. Mars-quintile-Jupiter is great for athletics, and he tends to victory.

The Sun-Uranus conjunction is accident prone, so he will have his injuries.

His Mars-sextile-Uranus is also accurate. Such Ma/Ur aspects are often in the charts of sharpshooters.
Also, Venus is the ruler of his chart. And his Venus is exalted in Libra and closely sextile his tight Mercury/Neptune conjunction in Sag.

When Venus connects closely with Merc/Neptune there is a creative, spiritual form of communication which might be subtle, and without words but with feelings/intuition.

It has been said by his teammates that he is a very different kind of Quarterback. He is not the screaming type of QB that tries to build enthusiasm by yelling in their faces and flexing. He is more of a quiet earnest type of motivator, leading by example.
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