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Re: Is my friendīs life in danger?

Thank you for this interpretation!

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
..but please really consider whether your own fearful beliefs are going to help or hinder your friend as she goes through this difficult point in her life.
I agree with you! I donīt believe in black magic or that it could harm anyone. I think, if you believe in black magic it WILL harm you!
"Your thoughts create your reality." Yes Iīm very worried about my friends health, she is really vulnerable right now, due to difficult last year.

I would have interpreted this chart so that having the same significator for my friend and 8th house would signify that she is what she believes in.
If she thinks black magic will cause her another stroke then it will.

Thank you so much for your time and wise words. Would love to hear if you find anything else to pin point in order to help my friend.
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