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Originally Posted by watcherofthesouth View Post
I believe that you could do very well as a doctor, and the Sagittarius in your chart could mean you will be well educated or work in medicine abroad. Chiron (wounded) at 24 degrees/Pisces (helping others) can imply that you'd work with the wounded, perhaps abroad. Mars/war in Sagittarius could mean you could work for the Red Cross or another global organization that needs doctors because of some type of disaster (Pluto/Uranus). You will most likely live (moon) abroad (Sag) or close to a university/Sag (perhaps as a professor). A father figure/Jupiter may inhibit your decision making (Sun). You'll be able to apply your creativity to your work in the medical field.
What makes you say due to a disaster? What do pluto/uranus do in my chart for that to happen? Also what does the 24th degree mean? So does my chart indicate towards being a doctor or some sort of medical field worker or more towards the arts?
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