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Re: Celibacy in traditional astrology

Originally Posted by SMB View Post

Well....I am 45 now....and I havent had sex in my life so far....
So, probably my chart will be the best example in this topic
....also I am not into spirituality and stuff

...If you want I can put up my chart here...

However, I dont know which chart to put
- Western;Vedic or any other....
SMB - a member requested your vedic chart
but since this is our traditonal astrology board
moderator quite rightly deleted the vedic chart you posted
but not before it was seen by AJ Astrology
from whom you got the following response

for clarity if you would repost your traditional western chart that would be useful
because your chart would be as you say an excellent example for this topic

kaktuzz online free traditional chart calculation feature
is at
Originally Posted by AJ Astrology View Post

It's the chart conditions, not the planets.

Your chart has Venus in the west. That is one of many conditions that may lead to celibacy, hermitage or delayed marriage.

Understand it is not Venus, it is the location and condition of Venus in your chart. Big difference.

That's an issue of contention between modern and traditional, especially when modern distorts and claims traditionals say Saturn in H7 means no marriage, even though no traditional astrologer has ever said that.

Saturn, under certain conditions in H7, can lead to no marriage. An Aquarian Saturn in H7 is going to get married, probably only once and lasting until death.

A Leo Saturn is hardly the same as an Aquarian Saturn.

You have a Virgo Venus in H8. That is the problem. Not Venus, not Virgo, not H8, but Virgo Venus in H8.

See how that works?

Since it's at 0 deg a lot of traditionals would consider it to be still in H7, but the signification is similar. It's an indicator of celibacy, hermitage or delayed marriage. You just have to read Dorotheus or Maternus or Ibn-Ezra.

The Sun's up in your chart, which is not good for Venus (or Mars) since she likes the night.

There are no aspects to your Venus.

Ruler Mercury is inconjunct in the adjacent H9 with Sun. Venus is not in aspect with Mars and would never perfect the square.

That's what you look at, the chart, not a specific planet.

I would say your Leo Sun/Mercury impacts your views since H9 is spiritual matters, philosophies, ideas, travel and such.

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