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Re: Celibacy in traditional astrology

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One thing about Saturn, is that because he rules old age, he tends to reward his apt pupils later in life. Saturn demands something from us: perseverance, hard work, and self-discipline, however.

One dimension of traditional astrology that we haven't discussed yet is that much of it tends to be fatalistic. Some people believe that they have choices, and find fatalism depressing. Others view fatalism with a sense of relief: that their problems in life are not somehow their fault, like some kind of moral failing. Their life has unfolded as it must for someone with their horoscope. The individual has one big choice: to accept and embrace the life he has been given; and to meet life's troubles with calm and courage. Or not, but then resistance just creates hardship.
I have come to accept that life is more fatalistic in line with the traditional astrology's opinion with all the experiences I have had so far. May be it is so for Saturn dominated natives (Saturn has the next highest accidental dignity with peregrine after Venus, the Lady of Geniture in my chart).

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If none of the above, I hope you will try counseling. There are helpful and unhelpful counselors and psychologists, as there are in any profession. But if you find a good one, s/he might help you take those steps more towards the kind of life you want.

BTW, if you would love to play the piano and are in a situation now that could include it, you can always begin as an adult. Venus in Libra would probably enjoy a little music.

Thanks, I will consider it at some point to try counseling.
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