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Re: Celibacy in traditional astrology

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You'd be interested to know that playboy centerfolds also have prominent Virgo planets, but the statistical significant Venus sign was for Scorpio, which follows a modern astrology trope of being the seductress vixen that men obsess over. For homosexual men, Virgo Venus and Mars were statistically significant. All of this suggests that the sign Virgo has a sexual component that balances out its virginal motifs.
It is very difficult to explain this dichotomy of supposed Virgo virgins being playboy centerfolds, probably it alludes to the fact of meticulousness of Virgos to use information, in this case using their sexuality and youngish looks for living keeping it separate from their intimate private lives. Do you think other signs can do this?

Originally Posted by conspiracy theorist View Post
As to stats on celibates, certainly think it's possible although I haven't seen any research on the matter. The great news there is that the necessary tools are there to undertake such a study. One may contact the man running this website -> speak to him on what tools he uses to do his statistical analysis, and then head to the astrodatabank files and apply those tools to the charts of celibates to see what crops up. Or you could collate charts on celibates independently to add/augment what is already available in the database.

As indicated by those tests I've alluded to, if one were to only rely on Dogma you'd probably not see Virgos topping the list of these groups of persons.
Thanks, interesting I will reach out to this person.
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