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AM said:
P.S. Sorry to get off topic again, but what's an oriental planet? Is it simply another name for a guiding planet?
Yes - the same thing. BTW you only have Pluto retrograde not Uranus from what I can see.

Your Pluto is retrograde in Scorpio and either in 9 or 10 depending on the house system so I am going to say 9 for your challenges and 10 for resolution. I would expect Pluto 9 in Scorpio would give you a sense of powerlessness in dealing with the instituitional educational system as it exists today in it's controlling obsessive focus on turning out materialistic trivia experts who want to play house (your yod from 2 and 4 focused on Pluto in 9).

I see you as being the maverick that can shake up the education system to create an alternative paradigm like Steiner with the Waldorf schools that would focus on developing a much more expanded education that can enrich vs. brainwash. This would be the 10th house resolution I would see. But this is dependent on you overcoming such yourself which I believe you are already doing through your own self-directed educational experience.

I would encourage you to do some research in this area..Waldorf and other education mavericks such as Alfred North Whitehead.

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