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Originally Posted by JerryRR View Post
2.The kind of love I need.
Death (Scorpio 3rd)
This bottle is called "Change in the New Aeon.
This promotes a leader who may impart knowledge clearly an kindly and is able to show new perspectives to people.Likes to explore new things in all areas of life.
"Is knowledgeable in Astrology,does not approach it in an intellectual way,but rather from the heart and from the feelings."
There may be a love of nature.
"Often supports the dying."
The person may be stuck in negative patterns and emotional dilemmas,a need to let go of the past,promotes states of higher awareness,self forgiveness,and provides acccess to peace and joy.
"In each ending there is a new beginning."
This bottle deals with metamorphosis.

I had met this person and he is helping me to clarify the impacts of my past and helping me move on. And this is the transformation that I need to pull out the roots of the problems.
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