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Title changed

Originally Posted by sethi View Post

Your post heading is all wrong. It shows that it is actually Sethi who wants to have his chart read. Pls change it if you can.
I used "from" I didn't use "for" so I thought that it means that reading request from member whose name is sethi, but it creates misunderstanding to understand the title purpose, so I have edited it in my posts but from forum(where all threads are visible) title is remain same but after opening this thread new title is visible.

Originally Posted by sethi View Post
Plus just post to me /or in this post your simple natal chart along with your date time and place of birth and let me tell you something about it.

You need to progress your chart only if you want to have some specific questions answered.
Thanks, I uploaded my PLACIDUS natal with progression chart, and pls can I provide u my bith data in PM?

Originally Posted by sethi View Post
Just for now just post your natal chart western style and inform me the same via visitors messages and better still, to attach your chart there.


Ok, I am informing u via visitor message.


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