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Re: Small 5th House and childlessness

Originally Posted by lillyjgc View Post
Astrologer50-what planet rules your fifth house and what aspects does that ruler make?
Why would jupiter in h8 be connected to your children?
What planet rules your eighth?
I hope you can answer so that we can assist students here to experiment using different methods.
I have jupiter virgo retro(8th) close trine natally to ruler of 5th Mercury AND mars in Gemini IN 5th.Mars does square Jupiter in 8th natally. I have two sons, one gemini, one Aquarius and one miscarriage between the two. Labour was very quick - I think traditional mars in gemini is not meant to be that fertile, so how come I got caught SO quickly age 20, has to be something else....
So I have answered your question - kindly answer mine?

The Eighth House
The eighth house covers sex, death, and other people's resources. Most beginning astrologers question how these areas of life are related, and the explanation offers insight into some of life's most intriguing activities. The lives of others impact our lives on a moment-to-moment basis. Every human interaction engages the mental, emotional, material or spiritual resources of at least one other person. Sexual response and sexual expression form a fundamental area for us to cultivate the spiritual connection with others through the physical connection.”
“deepest fears, obsessions, denied dreams, ability to love and care for children, sexual hang ups, obsession/relationship with money, need to exploit others, length and breadth of vanity, secret desire to rule the world, {Or at least, your world and everyone in it} and every religious neurotic tendency you could ever invent, relate to, dispose or crave. According to traditional astrology the 8th house is the precarious domain of sex, death and money. But, it has been my experience that the 8th house goes much deeper than these obvious realities”
“One way to read a birth chart is to start with the Eighth House, where conception begins. During the nine months of pregnancy, the cycle travels from the beginning of the Eighth House to the ascendant, which represents the moment of birth, the baby's first breath”

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