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Re: Uranus on 12th house cusp

I agree Uranus is in the 11th and it is effective there. On the cusp of the 12th it may also have some influence in that house as well. I dont know where some people get their ideas.....
“Ascendant at 15’ Libra and Jupiter 13’ Libra. That would place Jupiter in the 12th house, right? But many thoughtful astrologers would read this as Jupiter being conjunction with Ascendant, and end up reading it as bringing its action to bear in the first house, rather than in the 12th.
This same idea would apply for each and every house cusp. If the planet is IN THE SAME SIGN as the sign on the next house cusp, and close enough to be CONJUNCT WITH that next house cusp, the action of the planet will be directed into oncoming house”

Ptolemy says the influence of the house begins to be felt 5 before the actual cusp.

“Astrologers have seen a body influencing the house it is about to enter, time and time again. All theorizing aside, the planet casting its shadow ahead works. I can speak from personal experience, as well as reading ancient texts. If you discover this as true, then the next question may be, "Just how close must a body be to a cusp before it begins to be felt in the neighboring house?"
I've seen some authors say 3 degrees. I've seen some that give 5 degrees. I have seen some that even give 8 degrees. And there may be other variations.”

“Quite a few traditional Astrologers, will count a planet within 5 degrees of the house cusp as being in that House. Planets near the Cusp are usually more important to the House than ones in the middle. A planet Conjunct the House cusp but technically in the preceding House, could be seen as having power over the affairs of that House.”

I'm sure I can find more given time, there has been lots of threads on this subject on AW I will attempt to find them

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