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Re: Natal Planets conjunct house cusps

Hi R4Ven,

I posted the following on another thread, but it might have some relevance here :-

As a matter of interest (if only to me), Bruno and Louise Huber (who founded the Astrological Psychology Institute in 1962) discuss this issue in their book "The Astrological Houses - A Psychological View of Man and His World". And, their model of the strongest/weakest house points is :-

They believe "House Cusps are zones of high activity, where energies accumulate most strongly and are intensely directed externally.......Planets there react strongly to outside stimulation and gain fulfillment through the environment."

Planets before the cusp are deemed to be still occupied with the theme of their natal house but "interested in/striving towards" that of the next house. Those after the cusp are focused fully on the affairs of the natal house and tend to operate more effectively because of this.
Hi R4Ven,


Edit - I have a Uranus in 9th/Jupiter in 4th opposition exactly on the MC/IC.......and it's made itself felt strongly in the 3rd/4th/9th/10th houses (as a problem relating to the communication of ideas/ideals in both the home and the career)...........The planets/aspect in the signs and houses describe the problem and it's intensity....but being on those house cusps makes it highly visible to others.


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