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Forum: Read My Chart 02-20-2013, 03:23 AM
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Posted By tautomer
Re: Werid Bundle Horoscope, need help interpriting.

I can relate to you a decent amount. Both in your experience, and in natal chart.

First, I also have aspergers. With the update of the DSM-V due out very soon, this name will no longer apply, and...
Forum: Read My Chart 02-04-2013, 06:07 AM
Replies: 17
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Posted By tautomer
Re: May lose my friends


She's laid it all out there for you. The rest is on you.
Forum: Read My Chart 02-04-2013, 01:42 AM
Replies: 17
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Posted By tautomer
Re: May lose my friends

That's what I'm giving you, as well as others. Others have suggested that you seek a job without the help of your friends. Them helping you creates problems. So, you must remove the source of the...
Forum: Natal Astrology 02-03-2013, 10:14 AM
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Posted By tautomer
Re: Moon & Our Mother


I have moon conjunct pluto in scorpio with moon in the 2nd and pluto in the 1st.

Everything says I should have an overbearing, smothering, and codependent mother who I can't escape from....
Forum: Read My Chart 12-06-2012, 05:57 AM
Replies: 7
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Posted By tautomer
Re: Why do I have anger issues?

The main source of the anger is definitely your t-square of moon mars and uranus.
Forum: Dignities & debilities 12-04-2012, 03:43 AM
Replies: 42
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Posted By tautomer
Re: Cusp of POWER

Off-topic (sorta). I can't resist sharing, cause I love science so much :D. An interesting tidbit: Saturn would be perceived as FAR colder then Pluto, despite Pluto being much colder.

Forum: Astrology and Psychology 11-26-2012, 09:39 AM
Replies: 14
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Posted By tautomer
Re: cancer moon and depression

The moon is at home in cancer and generally does well there. That said, I have always found it ironic that this is a double edged sword in that it can cause the moon to be much weaker becuase of...
Forum: Aspects & configurations 11-23-2012, 08:45 AM
Replies: 21
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Posted By tautomer
Re: 8th house stellium people

I have an 8th house stellium of my sun, mercury, venus, and jupiter. The 8th house is by far the most important house in my chart for a multitude of reasons:

- The sun is in the 8th house.
- The...
Forum: Aspects & configurations 11-13-2012, 07:38 AM
Replies: 28
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Posted By tautomer
Re: A Nerd Like Me: Uranus and Mercury aspects

I am a science nerd in the true sense of the word. I have been as far back as I can remember. I was always getting into things when I was little. From 3 year old me saying "I wonder what happens if I...
Forum: Relational Astrology 11-05-2012, 05:18 AM
Replies: 28
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Posted By tautomer
Re: Same-Sex Attraction - Sun or Moon?

Well, I am gay. My uranus doesn't connect to my venus. My mars does not connect to sun. It just trines my moon. By this, the chances of me being gay should be very low.

I have said this before in...
Forum: Fixed stars, asteroids and other cosmic objects 10-22-2012, 09:40 PM
Replies: 18
Views: 14,986
Posted By tautomer
Re: Pallas - Hard Mind, Power.

I generally dont look at asteroids much but i can see use in this. My pallas is in 3deg aries in my 6th. It has tight orb aspects to mercury (sextile) and uranus (square). I am VERY aware of how what...
Forum: Read My Chart 10-21-2012, 09:48 AM
Replies: 10
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Posted By tautomer
Re: Suicide

First, don't kill yourself. Sorry if that comes across as blunt, but, well, it is what it is.

Second, I think I should be able to relate to you on quite a significant level. Why? Because I share...
Forum: Natal Astrology 10-12-2012, 06:57 AM
Replies: 23
Views: 6,958
Posted By tautomer
Re: do you have angular planets in natal chart?

Heh, I bet I beat you in that front :wink:. I'm decidedly plutonian/8th.

Having squares and oppositions is not an inheriently bad thing. If one learns to overcome the issues they present then it...
Forum: Aspects & configurations 10-07-2012, 09:14 PM
Replies: 2
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Posted By tautomer
Re: Stelliums

Depends on who you ask. Generally, most say no. I also agree with this sentiment.
Forum: Transits 10-05-2012, 09:27 AM
Replies: 56
Views: 6,746
Posted By tautomer
Re: Happy Saturn in Scorpio!

Stay away from my moon, Saturn. I know my wisdom teeth need to come out. I'd rather not deal with them right now thankyouvery much!

Forum: Aspects & configurations 09-30-2012, 08:18 AM
Replies: 42
Views: 6,891
Posted By tautomer
Re: Do natal charts show sexual orientation?

What a breath of fresh air! Greybeard has done exactly what needs to be done when "determining" whether someone is homosexual or not. Which, up to this point, I have never seen been done by anyone...
Forum: Read My Chart 09-27-2012, 08:17 AM
Replies: 5
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Posted By tautomer
Re: Powerful Karmic Connection?!

I'd be warey of this. There is some good, but there is one thing that stands out at me: Venus opposing Neptune. This aspect is often referred to as "beautiful illusions". Just be wary of what you...
Forum: Read My Chart 09-24-2012, 12:16 AM
Replies: 20
Views: 5,269
Posted By tautomer
Re: my 12th house stellium

You have a 12th house stellium that includes the moon, neptune, venus, and uranus, all in a very tight conjunction. In my opinion it's rather lucky it doesn't conjunct your ascendent as strongly as...
Forum: Solar returns 09-14-2012, 05:46 AM
Replies: 1
Views: 930
Posted By tautomer
Re: how do you think life will be when saturn enters scorpio

I have to watch my health. I forget what astrologer said it, but with mars transiting scorpio right now, it is acting as a "preview" for what it will be like.

2 days ago I had a scintillating...
Forum: Astrology and Psychology 09-09-2012, 04:45 AM
Replies: 72
Views: 11,873
Posted By tautomer
Re: Mercury & communication styles

The thread is derailing (mods split it off if you want). If you want to intepret my chart you are more then free to. I am private yes, but also rather candid, so anything in the open is fair game....
Forum: Aspects & configurations 09-02-2012, 08:04 PM
Replies: 55
Views: 18,533
Posted By tautomer
Re: The Finger Of God. (Yod)

I have an exact yod of Jupiter-Pluto/Saturn. Years ago I had a professional astrologer go through my chart and it was mentioned that jupiter, and jupiter transits will play an important part in my...
Forum: Aspects & configurations 08-24-2012, 06:51 PM
Replies: 46
Views: 17,218
Posted By tautomer
Re: Moon with it's aspects & maternal/love issues

I have moon conjunct pluto in scorpio. My mother and I are extremely close. Much more so then I have seen with others in my life. We can tell each other pretty much anything, and her actions,...
Forum: Natal Astrology 08-13-2012, 05:04 AM
Replies: 75
Views: 33,537
Posted By tautomer
Re: Mars-Neptune aspects: pornstars or sex addicts?

I have mars opposing neptune exact (cancer and capricorn in 9th and 3rd house respectively), and it has come up several times in my life.

I am actually not prone to addictions very much. This is...
Forum: Read My Chart 06-18-2012, 10:54 PM
Replies: 29
Views: 4,190
Posted By tautomer
Re: Do I even have a rising sign?!

It's the line where the first house starts for your natal chart. Your ascendent is Scorpio. It's hard to tell exactly where because the image is small, but it looks to be 18deg scorpio.
Forum: Natal Astrology 06-18-2012, 09:38 AM
Replies: 19
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Posted By tautomer
Neptune Is My Taboo

This has been something I have been pondering for a while now. It seems to me like everyone has a particular type(s) of energy that they don't work well with, but seem to be drawn to it. This...
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