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Forum: Mundane Astrology 05-15-2019, 01:41 AM
Replies: 15
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Posted By Ixaee
Re: Need help with this

Just do it yourself.

The United States' birthday is said to be July 4, 1776. (The date that the Declaration of Independence was signed.)

The Capitol of course is Washington, DC (and is...
Forum: Relational Astrology 03-28-2017, 06:54 PM
Replies: 8
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Posted By Ixaee
Re: Woman Mars aspecting Man's Venus

My three most intense relationships have had this --- my Mars CONJUNCT their Venus.

All in Capricorn == my mars in Capricorn, men with venus in Capricorn.
The three longest term relationships of...
Forum: Natal Astrology 03-28-2017, 06:45 PM
Replies: 6
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Posted By Ixaee
Re: Planets in first and last degrees/minutes of a sign

Degrees are something I've never seen much benefit paying attention to, in and of themselves. Aspects going to and fro matter much more.

A 1 degree Sag moon operates the same as a 28 degree Sag...
Forum: Medical Astrology 03-28-2017, 06:39 PM
Replies: 10
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Posted By Ixaee
Re: improving health: what should I do?

Typically I see Saturn squaring or opposing the Ascendant when someone is complaining about skin (acne, wrinkles, eczema, etc), premature aging and brittle nails. You have Saturn Sesquisquare...
Forum: Read My Chart 09-27-2016, 02:02 PM
Replies: 1
Views: 662
Posted By Ixaee
Re: interpretacion of my sister's solar returns chart 2017

In regards to relationships, not too great this year, there will be challenges.

Mars conjunct Venus in 8th trine Pluto is powerful, this is a year of deep relationship issues. Both Square Saturn...
Forum: Solar returns 09-27-2016, 01:39 PM
Replies: 3
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Posted By Ixaee
Re: Solar return of boyfriend. Is he going to travel?

There's a possibility of travel, with his Sun + Jupiter in 9th house. Opposite Uranus could show he will suddenly take a quick trip and be right back. Or, that he will have to travel quite...
Forum: Medical Astrology 09-27-2016, 01:27 PM
Replies: 3
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Posted By Ixaee
Re: I've been told many time, I won't ever have babies.

Who told you that?

Your 5th house represents your children. Your 5th is ruled by Aries/Mars. Your Mars is in your 2nd house in Capricorn. AND your Mars is looking pretty good, no ill aspects that...
Forum: Introduce Yourself and Your Astrology Background 06-17-2016, 07:06 PM
Replies: 12
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Posted By Ixaee
Forum: Hot topic arena 06-17-2016, 07:05 PM
Replies: 101
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Posted By Ixaee
Re: Do You Love Where You Live?

I like it quite a lot.
Love?....would be an overstatement. ;)
Forum: Solar returns 03-15-2015, 12:47 AM
Replies: 2
Views: 3,896
Posted By Ixaee
Re: Can you tell me about Mars Conjunct Pluto Exact in a SR return Chart how bad is i

I'm curious if you're still around; how did this aspect pan out for you? I have it this year in my SR myself. So far I can say that it is an intensely sexual aspect. One man in particular is...
Forum: Horary Astrology 01-18-2015, 03:02 AM
Replies: 4
Views: 1,508
Posted By Ixaee
Re: Will i lose weight next 2 months?

You can lose some, you can lose a lot. Your greatest downfall will be negative self-defeating thoughts though. Don't let your negativity ruin it.. have some faith in yourself and DO IT. Leave no room...
Forum: Chat 01-18-2015, 02:51 AM
Replies: 23
Views: 2,411
Posted By Ixaee
Re: Would you cheat on your partner for $1,000,000??

I would... any of you would too, don't fib. :devil: (Any partner of mine would totally understand the reasoning behind it too.)

If my partner was offered a mill to cheat on me I'd tell him to GO...
Forum: Medical Astrology 01-18-2015, 02:43 AM
Replies: 57
Views: 6,619
Posted By Ixaee
Re: depressed, trapped, emprisioned

Why not go to a psychiatrist and get some real, practical help first of all. Then worry about astrology later.. I've been there.. I know how you're feeling and I am a mother myself. Depression can...
Forum: Natal Astrology 12-25-2014, 11:27 PM
Replies: 1
Views: 609
Posted By Ixaee
Re: What jobs relevant to both Leo and Taurus signs?

Fashion, most definitely. Both Leo and Taurus love their creature comforts and finer things in life; Leo more so to experience the comforts of such luxury that they feel they deserve, Taurus for the...
Forum: Introduce Yourself and Your Astrology Background 12-25-2014, 11:00 PM
Replies: 3
Views: 563
Posted By Ixaee
Re: Hi there :)

Hi, and welcome..
Forum: Relational Astrology 08-09-2013, 08:50 AM
Replies: 53
Views: 18,091
Posted By Ixaee
Re: How To Know Each Rising Sign Likes You

Our Ascendant gives clues as to our appearance, our mannerisms, the way we carry ourselves -- basically our entire generalized style of coming across to others when we first meet them (whether or not...
Forum: Read My Chart 08-09-2013, 12:11 AM
Replies: 9
Views: 1,446
Posted By Ixaee
Re: Help me please? Infidelity?

I actually have Venus in Sagittarius and I am one of the most faithful people you will EVER meet in a relationship (and I expect the EXACT same in return). Yes, I do like to flirt, but I never cross...
Forum: Horary Questions on Relational Issues 12-27-2012, 06:02 PM
Replies: 7
Views: 1,378
Posted By Ixaee
Re: Is there relationship Potential

Friends with benefits.. or at least, a VERY open relationship is all you could hope for I believe.
Forum: Recommendations 09-10-2012, 11:34 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 7,484
Posted By Ixaee
A great site for beginners to get Free indepth Natal, Synastry and Friendship reports (

I've not seen this posted on the recommendations yet, and just wanted to share a site for all of the beginners out there looking for a nice place...
Forum: Read My Chart 05-14-2012, 04:56 AM
Replies: 27
Views: 3,490
Posted By Ixaee
Re: Childhood Abuse

Thats just what I was going to mention here... your 10th house (can be father or mother, depending on whats going on within the house) is in Cancer, ruler Moon in 8th. There is also Mars Retrograde...
Forum: Read My Chart 05-13-2012, 01:28 PM
Replies: 5
Views: 1,064
Posted By Ixaee
Re: Confused about profession ! Which way to go..

Welcome Maya :biggrin:

Your 6th house of "work" is in Capricorn, ruler Saturn is in 3rd ... this points to a job where you are in a leadership role, a responsible position that could be related to...
Forum: Chat 05-10-2012, 04:29 PM
Replies: 39
Views: 4,015
Posted By Ixaee
Re: Happy Birthday Dr.Farr !!!

:love:~* HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR FARR! *~ :love:

You make A.W. a better place simply by being here!
Forum: Relational Astrology 05-10-2012, 03:15 PM
Replies: 101
Views: 40,976
Posted By Ixaee
Re: Love with foreigners or in foreign land

I agree... :pinched:

This also happens to me whenever I even spend much time with someone who has a strong, foreign accent.. I tend to pick up on some of their nuances the more time I spend with...
Forum: Read My Chart 05-05-2012, 02:42 PM
Replies: 7
Views: 1,303
Posted By Ixaee
Re: Fame

Your Neptune in conjunct your MC, so that is a wonderful indicator of 'acting' or public relations... though it can also show a wishy-washy reputation, where your "spotlight" comes and goes......
Forum: Spiritual Realm 04-03-2012, 04:04 PM
Replies: 60
Views: 8,366
Posted By Ixaee
Re: Magic

Oh, I dont want to hi-jack Blackempress' thread, but I will explain a tiny bit and leave at that :smile:

The law of attraction is really a set of "minor" laws that make up the whole..... its...
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