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Forum: Modern Astrology 12-07-2020, 02:08 AM
Replies: 59
Views: 6,382
Posted By Carmaela26
Re: Neptune's a b*tch

I personally find Neptune to be one of the more frustrating planets in a chart. It also has the largest swings in extremes.

I DO think it has some higher aspects. I believe all planets have their...
Forum: Progressions 02-07-2020, 10:14 PM
Replies: 5
Views: 821
Re: Progressed planets entering 12th house
Forum: Horary Questions on Lost items and missing people 09-01-2019, 11:51 AM
Replies: 2
Views: 484
Posted By Heavensmystery
Re: Which Rooms are Reflected an Event/Horary Chart?

check this out,
Forum: Read My Chart 04-01-2019, 03:21 AM
Replies: 20
Views: 927
Posted By Osamenor
Re: Finding my Path

You don't necessarily need your career to reflect your north node. The node is about what develops over your life as a whole, where you go. Career is just one area of your life. You are not your...
Forum: Modern Astrology 03-24-2019, 05:23 AM
Replies: 59
Views: 6,382
Posted By RedGarnet
My ex boyfriend is a Pisces rising with a Sun...

My ex boyfriend is a Pisces rising with a Sun Moon conjunction in Pisces conjunct his Pisces ascendant within 1 degree. Currently he is going through transiting Neptune just starting to travel over...
Forum: Transits 03-23-2019, 11:06 PM
Replies: 4
Views: 505
Posted By Lin
Re: Lottery Predictions for Saturday's Powerball

I think there are people who are lucky at games of chance - and those who are not.
And If the transits support a winning day then the person will be lucky. However: regarding the Lotto......the...
Forum: Celebrity Astrology 03-15-2019, 04:52 AM
Replies: 7
Views: 915
Posted By Gemini Pyramid
Smile Re: Brad Pitt's Long Road | Sade Sati

If I may,

Brad Pitt has a Moon in Capricorn, near Aquarius. This means, he is always goal-driven, and yet can't lose.

His Sagittarius Sun is almost Capricorn too. This means, he is a king...
Forum: Horary Questions on Medicine and health 03-14-2019, 11:48 PM
Replies: 19
Views: 1,187
Posted By tikana
Re: Am I having twins

told you

Forum: Read My Chart 02-28-2019, 03:34 AM
Replies: 31
Views: 871
Posted By shaeri
Watcherofthesouth, very insightful, thank you!!!...

Watcherofthesouth, very insightful, thank you!!! I sense maybe he will be into music, like you said. It runs in the family!
Forum: Chinese Astrology 02-08-2019, 07:04 PM
Replies: 2
Views: 1,421
Posted By Master Tsai
Re: Chinese Astrology Major Cycles - 2019 New Year Red Envelope Giveaways

That will take times to find those special days in 2019.
2019 is Female Earth Pig. Pig is in the Water group.
Water and Earth are opposite elements.
That implies most people will win some and lose...
Forum: Vedic Astrology 01-31-2019, 02:52 PM
Replies: 7
Views: 500
Posted By Arjunsiva
Smile Re: Humiliation , Fear and Disappointment

Thank You So Much. It Really Brought a Great Sense of Motivation for me . Thanks Again :).
Forum: Horary Questions on Lost items and missing people 01-17-2019, 06:53 PM
Replies: 8
Views: 616
Posted By Tandy
Re: Where Is My House Key?

located in around your or visited primary home our outdoor property near a sewer, toilet, plumbing source - a no man's land' area of home
but where sunlight shows

moon is in outdoor 9th ; and...
Forum: Horary Questions on Lost items and missing people 01-17-2019, 06:10 PM
Replies: 8
Views: 616
Posted By Inquisag
Re: Where Is My House Key?

I like to go through the steps listed by William Lilly. I have a simplified version of it on my blog -...
Forum: Horary Questions on Lost items and missing people 01-17-2019, 05:18 AM
Replies: 8
Views: 616
Posted By RisingSag
Re: Where Is My House Key?

I found this link to be helpful for missing items.

I'd use the second house ruler to represent your key, and your significator would be the first house...
Forum: Vedic Astrology 01-14-2019, 04:11 PM
Replies: 26
Views: 1,669
Posted By muchacho
Re: Questions about Sade Sati

This is advanced stuff. So you'll probably need a vedic astrology program for that. Just download Jagannatha Hora. It's freeware.
Forum: Vedic Astrology 01-12-2019, 02:22 PM
Replies: 26
Views: 1,669
Posted By ANUP
Re: Questions about Sade Sati

Something is not inline.You have posted your chart which is showing different ascendant.Anyway, sadesati is not always bad.This depends upon the power of saturn.If saturn is powerful and transits...
Forum: Natal Astrology 01-09-2019, 08:17 PM
Replies: 4
Views: 655
Posted By Kalyxa
Re: Exact Natal Sun/Moon Conjunctions

I dated a guy in high school that had both the Sun and the Moon at the same degree in Scorpio. He definitely had a very Scorpionic personality, with Mercury conjunct Pluto in Scorpio as well. Very...
Forum: Celebrity Astrology 01-09-2019, 07:01 PM
Replies: 5
Views: 7,096
Posted By Kalyxa
Re: Grimes/Claire Boucher - her ASC

Grimes/Claire's birth time is 11:30pm. I know this because I went to high school with her and we hung out in the same social circle for several years. I have been an astrology nerd since my teens so...
Forum: Astrology and Psychology 01-09-2019, 05:38 PM
Replies: 25
Views: 2,775
Posted By Domna
Re: How does your chart ruler play out in your life?

I have a Libra Ascendant, so my chart ruler is Venus. My Venus is in Taurus in the 8th house. It is unaspected, without any major aspects, but with a multitude of minor aspects and midpoint...
Forum: Vedic Astrology 01-09-2019, 04:38 PM
Replies: 26
Views: 1,669
Posted By SunConjunctUranus
Lightbulb Re: Questions about Sade Sati

Dear Dunn

Ms Watcherofthesouth made a good point on this. We know that's this very difficult period of time for you [I personaly running Sade Sati too] but just trust the process, don't let...
Forum: Astrology and Psychology 01-06-2019, 11:14 PM
Replies: 60
Views: 3,035
Posted By Flapjacks
Re: Intelligence indicator (details inside)

Well, if we're going to be brutally honest about it, I find the people with more talent and originality (which doesn't necessarily include intelligence, but for this argument let us say...
Forum: Astrology and Psychology 01-06-2019, 05:05 PM
Replies: 60
Views: 3,035
Posted By Starsareround
This is a great point. I debated wether or not I...

This is a great point. I debated wether or not I should share yet another story on here, but persistence cannot be underestimated when it comes to acclaim, and whether or not someone is considered...
Forum: Other Astrology 01-05-2019, 03:15 AM
Replies: 15
Views: 3,439
Posted By CapAquaPis
Re: each generation has a sign?

The 2,160 year age of Pisces ended in 2012 AD and the age of Aquarius has begun. 2,160 divided by 12 signs are eras, the last one was from 1832-2012, the one of Pisces, and smaller divides by 12- the...
Forum: Read My Chart 01-05-2019, 01:00 AM
Replies: 9
Views: 458
Posted By SunConjunctUranus
Re: Paid for multiple readings, was told my abusive ex was the best match for me

Thank you ms Watcherofthesouth! :biggrin: I barely know that spiritual advice.

Wishing well

Forum: Electional and Event Astrology 01-03-2019, 10:20 PM
Replies: 11
Views: 1,222
Posted By StarSeek
Re: Astrologers Helping Law Enforcement Fight Crime


Only a crime sluthing web: did post Astrological findings at one time...
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