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Shaugs4208 02-28-2020 04:24 PM

My Neptune 5H transit and his 7H Neptune
I'm just finishing my 4th house Neptune transit and am nervous about it entering 5th house. Everything I've read suggests troubled relationships and even possible death of child. My bf and my baby are my everything!

My 4th house transit was spot on. Someone had suggested that the worst of it comes in the middle half of the 14 year transit. It coincided with some really unstable periods in my life and a lot of issues with my mother. She's since passed just as the 3rd part of that transit began. has my partner's neptune transitting his 7th house around the time that my neptune enters the 2nd half of its 5th house transit. I know that it could be good, but it seems unlikely. Also there is a history of drug abuse in my family and general escapism for myself included. I dont want to go down that road for my baby's sake. I can see this playing out so many ways. Also I'm struggling to find myself and any inspiration to create a business, so hopefully this transit will help. Any insight is greatly appreciated. I will attach my charts as soon as I figure out how

Osamenor 02-28-2020 05:36 PM

Re: My Neptune 5H transit and his 7H Neptune
What happens for you during Neptune's transit of a house has more to do with which of your planets Neptune aspects, and how, during that transit than with which house it is. You might see a hint of the houses involved in the aspect in what happens, but the real meat of it is in the planets. Points, too: if Neptune crosses an angle, that's a significant transit and tends to be reflected in your life.

It also depends on what other transits are happening at the same time. In and of itself, Neptune moving through your fourth house wouldn't have much if anything to do with your mother's death and the general instability in your life. However, if you have any planets in the middle of your fourth house, or in square or opposition to those degrees, Neptune in the middle of your fourth house was a transit, square, or opposition to those planets. That could have been a trigger, and might have brought some fourth house theme into the picture, but it probably was not the only trigger. What kinds of transits were the other planets between Jupiter and Pluto making to your chart during that time?

Shaugs4208 02-28-2020 06:14 PM

Thanks for responding so quickly. I'm an uber newbie, so please bare with me. It was about a 7 year period of trials with my mom, so looking through that time there were many transits. The general instability began around the time Neptune entered my 4th, so that's why I thought that it had that affect.

It seems Saturn began traversing 10th and 11 house at the start, with it hitting my 12th when things got the worse. I have pluto there natally. Jupiter was nearing descendant and uranus was in the middle of my 5th house. Because I'm a newbie, I dont know how to tell what angles the planets are to the natal ones while in transit, or I'd have investigated that on my own.

Honestly though, I'm more concerned with my future than my past. I only mentioned my past bc it gave creedence to what I thought was a strong 4th house Neptune transit. Do you know how I can look into those transits coming up? Or those between him and me. I feel like it's a lot more advanced than where I'm at right now.

Shaugs4208 02-28-2020 06:46 PM

Re: My Neptune 5H transit and his 7H Neptune
I had responded, but it must've got deleted. Looking back though the transits when things were the worst with my mom, I'm seeing jupiter nearing DC, uranus in the center of 5th house, pluto end of 2nd, almost 3rd and saturn in 12th. I have natal pluto residing there. She didnt die until several years after. The past few years have been a readjustment to life not having to worry about anything eith regard to her. Life's relatively peaceful by comparison.

Honestly though, I'm more concerned with the future. As an "uber newb" I have no idea how to tell what angles the transiting planets have with my natal planets. Nor do I know how to tell how his transits will affect our relationship. I obviously have a lot to learn still, but I have to start somewhere.

Shaugs4208 02-28-2020 06:51 PM

Re: My Neptune 5H transit and his 7H Neptune
If I could post a pic of our charts with my phone,I would. I cant seem to figure it out. Idk if it would help though bc 14 years is obviously a long time to track transits. I just get nervous bc his pluto is also entering the 5th house at the same time. I guess I need to just stop trying to predict the future and let it play out

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