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Salamander 03-25-2019 04:00 PM

Very curious for insight—car accident/ Tbi.
I would call myself a bit of an Even Steven. Or I try to remind myself to be one. ( I sometimes have anxiety tho).

In the last few months I’ve been rethinking this odd thing in my life line (the line on my hand) and this car accident/brain injury (fall 2017) I am still recovering from.

I’ve tried to figure out how to attach a chart to see if anyone can see anything that might be about a big period of change in my chart. I’ve read the directions but I’m on a phone and I’m just going to have to let it go since sometimes that’s what life is now, explaining I can’t do some things and hope someone can spare a few extra minutes to help me sort of be included.

Like if you don’t mind inputting it somewhere so you can analyze it i’d really appreciate it. These are my details.
My birthdate is August 2 1977.
6:10 pm.
Portland Oregon USA .

If there’s anything in there that you see that might be relevant to a big change and/ or if there’s anything else maybe timewise (horary?) that would be much appreciated as well. The date of my accident was 9/13/2017.
Thank you

Salamander 03-27-2019 12:17 AM

Re: Very curious for insight—car accident/ Tbi.
-attempts to bump this-

If anyone has any insight into how to read a chart I’d really appreciate it. I know stuff like my planets are in certain houses and the signs of them . I’m just wondering if anyone knows if something like this life changing thing I’m going thru could be in there astrologically somehow ?

If someone could figure out a way to accommodate or include me i’d realty appreciate it.

unique_astrology 03-27-2019 12:46 AM

Re: Very curious for insight—car accident/ Tbi.
What time and where was the accident?

Salamander 03-27-2019 01:29 AM

Re: Very curious for insight—car accident/ Tbi.
Awww, Thank you so much, unique astrology!

It was around 9:30 or 9:45 AM. 9/13/2017. Lake oswego , Oregon.

unique_astrology 03-27-2019 02:54 AM

Re: Very curious for insight—car accident/ Tbi.
3 Attachment(s)
You had Saturn and Pluto straddling your Asc and your progressed MC was 1 degree from being on transit Pluto and your progressed Pluto was 1 degree from being exactly square that progressed MC. That also means transit Pluto was square your progressed Pluto . It does not look that way in longitude but measured in right ascension (true body positions in space - used by NASA to locate objects in space; if they used longitude they might have missed the Moon) they were in an almost exact square. Transit Pluto at 288°15'; your progressed Pluto at 198°32'. 288°15' - 90° = 198°15'.

Pluto square Pluto could certainly accompany life changing events.

ashriia 03-27-2019 05:20 AM

Re: Very curious for insight—car accident/ Tbi.

I was looking at your chart for quite some time with transits.

For accidents i always look at the 3rd house and look for uranus/mars hard aspects. While i didnt find an aspect in the natal chart that i could associate an accident with; Aries does rule the head/face. In your chart aries rules the 4th house cusp. Since aries is also found in the 3rd though and mars -ruler of aries is in gemini(which rules transportation and the 3rd house. I feel that is the link. Uranus was transiting the very last degree of your 3rd house in aries at the time of the accident. The last degree and 1st of houses are usually the most potent and can cause events.
I wonder about how the 5th house ties into your accident. Were you hit by a drunk driver? Or were you driving somewhere to do something fun?

Wishing you healing and a great recovery.

kshantaram 03-27-2019 07:58 AM

Re: Very curious for insight—car accident/ Tbi.
sorry to learn of the major life changing car-brain accident 017,

natal mars analytical gemini 6th accident prone,
transit mars virgo 8th prone to major accidents;
again sun-mars 8th able to cope with challenges;

transit sat opp mars 6th under stress-struggle;
jup-sat opp misjudgments-missed opportunities;

sat-ketu separative SNode coming 1.5yr transit cap asc,
accident prone to yet to care, head-knees etc;
prone to pain-injury-surgery;
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers tues mornings;

jup now transit own sag 12th for healing,
natal jup aspecting own sag 12th;
prayers to saint of your faith, offer yellow flowers thurs mornings;

hope helps with insights, share feedbacks,

wishing speedy recovery and well-being with jup sag,
while to yet care much with sat-ketu transit cap asc,


Salamander 03-28-2019 05:56 AM

Re: Very curious for insight—car accident/ Tbi.
To unique:
I wanted to say I went googling Pluto square Pluto yesterday and ended up getting linked back to this forum. The link to this forum was that the change didn’t necessarily mean a negative thing. Which was good because I was starting to think that. Hmm I kind of have to work harder at being able to see a bigger picture when I read things (because my eyes and missing words and then also managing my emotions lol).
But yes some of the changes were hard. Hmm. But I think some of the hard changes or negatives were because some people just were annoyed I was struggling or saw I could keep composure in some situations and didn’t believe me when I asked for help in other situations.

So thank you so much for responding.

To ashriia and Kshantaram,
I will probably spend the next couple days trying to read when it’s not too much. There is a lot of things to get to read up on and I really appreciate that. Just have to bite-size it, ;). <3
Thank you !

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