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flyonmyzephyr 12-31-2018 01:49 PM

D1 and D60 the same?
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I recently saw two charts with two different people who have known each other for years - and whom are best friends.

One person's D1 chart is very similar to the other persons D60.

They also have insane synastry through the D1 to D9 chart, as both their Mercury and Moon are vargottama in the exactly same degree and position in both charts (one person's Mercury is on the other person's Moon in both D1 and D9 at the exact degree). Lots of Ketu connections as well, with both peoples ketus conjunct each others stelliums in D1.

I'm more interested in the D1 - D60 connection. If person A's D1 chart is the same as person B's D60, does that mean person A looks the same way (or similar) person B did in a previous life? Since D60 represents past-lives?

VenusS 01-01-2019 06:58 AM

Re: D1 and D60 the same?
Any punya that you accumulated in your past life + the blessings of the planet which would he strong in your D60 will probably reflect in your D1 chart. Although, in some cases the D60 chart might have a very strong planet, but in D1, the planet might lose its propensity. That's because of your bad karma in past life, which harmed the blessings of the planet to such native. D60 is very important chart to assess the dignity of the planet's and general well being as well. Planets have similar dignity or position in d60 and d1 shows that some one is content with that areas of life, wherever the conjunction took place, and wherever those planets aspect, that area the native needs to fulfil. So for example, mars saturn in the 7th house in both D1 and D60 shows that you're content in the matter of 7th house, whereas you need to fulfil the destiny of rebellion from yourself, becoming a dynamic personality with very less lackadaisical behaviour. Shows competitive personality, yet not so much against other people than onto oneself.

flyonmyzephyr 01-01-2019 07:01 PM

Re: D1 and D60 the same?
Thank you for the reply.

Yes - you use the D60 to check the D1's strength.

This is an unusual situation, where one persons D60 matches another persons D1 chart. Do you have any insights on the meaning of this?

ANUP 01-02-2019 02:51 PM

Re: D1 and D60 the same?
There is a difference between D1 and D60 charts.First you have to understand what is D60 chart.How it is menifested through D1 rasi chart.You can only use D60 chart if you have very very accurate birth time.This reflects goodwill of a person in later age of after the age of retirement , be it from business or job.Let me describe why? See, 10th house of D1 means authority,achievement of success,status etc means it is a karma house in physical form.As i mentioned Its very difficult to use D60 untill we have accurate birth time.Now suppose if the lord of 10th house sign, is in capricorn sign in D60 where as the lord of capricorn is saturn.Next, if saturn is in first house of D1, this shows the person might be reputed, earns enough goodwill to enjoy after retired life.You can say its kind of BRAND or LOGO which sells of good companies.I hope you will understand with this small hint.The application of D60 vis-a-vis D1 is advance portion and a sensitive one.My advise is simply dont jump to such divisional chart.Simply stick to D1,D7,D9,applications.

Good luck..

flyonmyzephyr 01-02-2019 04:17 PM

Re: D1 and D60 the same?
I appreciate you taking the time to give your feedback. However, my initial question is still not being answered.

ANUP 01-02-2019 05:17 PM

Re: D1 and D60 the same?
It is very simple.Do not mix D1 with D60 then.There is nothing to do with D60.As i wrote earlier,it is a individual goodwill and not a friendship chart.If you have to check friendship,then D1 of both the persons can tell friendship.

Check D1 of both the persons.Asc to Asc and sign to sign.

Saturn and Rahu of both charts should aspect mars of each other
Also in both charts, you have to check strength of planets in 7th house.


VenusS 01-03-2019 05:36 AM

Re: D1 and D60 the same?
Your initial query whether a person with similar positions of planets in D1 and D60, would look or have similar kind of traits is incorrect. This is because then the divisional charts of the native in the previous birth would be very different, comparing to them in this birth. You can say that D60 is the D1 of the past life of the native, but you can't just solely give predictions based on D1.

The issue of the accuracy of the birth time is also important, but considering the fact that this only factor can change other the face of other divisional charts as well, we as the practitioners/learners of jyotish, have no other choice but to belief that the time is correct. The accuracy of the birth time can be verified as well, through rectifying with the native about the events that pertained accordingly with the dasha. D60 has a very important role to play, to assess the dignity of the planet and therefore, should not be ignored.

flyonmyzephyr 01-03-2019 01:56 PM

Re: D1 and D60 the same?
" Your initial query whether a person with similar positions of planets in D1 and D60, would look or have similar kind of traits is incorrect "

I had said two different people, not the same person (unless I am interpreting you incorrectly and you do mean two different people, in which case my apologies).

I would not have been using the D60 if I wasn't sure of the birth time. The person with the D60 had the father cut the umbilical cord when they were born, and the father saw and recorded the birth time. I too rarely use the D60, but in this case I had to make an exception since the time of birth is accurate.

" You can say that D60 is the D1 of the past life of the native, but you can't just solely give predictions based on D1."

Exactly my point. One person's D60 (past-life), looks almost exactly the same way as another person's D1 chart (present day karmas). I am not using the D60 to make any predictions - just observing similarities between two different people.

VenusS 01-03-2019 02:56 PM

Re: D1 and D60 the same?
I meant two different people mate but no worries. Anyway, if the time of birth is accurate, then the accuracy to assess the dignity of the planets for the native increases thoroughly, therefore, one shouldn't ignore the d60. Same goes for each and every divisional chart, because d1 is just the face of the whole potent in the native's life. One is missing the whole picture if they truly don't analyze other divisional charts, and only give predictions based on D1.(also a clue of an ignorant practitioner of jyotish)

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